Reading may seem like a solitary pleasure, but we do not believe it is so. As we read, we intimately interact with writers, the worlds they create, and our own inner selves as well as the real world that surrounds us. Some of us are also blessed enough to have friends to share the experience with.

While discussing the idyllic village of Three Pines and the captivating characters author Louise Penny created in the Inspector Gamache books, we were aware of the sensory pleasure to be had in the meals described. Olivier’s Bistro, Gabri’s baking, and dinners at the Morrow’s can easily make us salivate while reading the books… Louise Penny's books, are a wonderful entrĂ©e into a sensual world, where each book is a season, capturing its mood and flavours, and contributing to the layers of meaning about the characters, who are marvellously revealed over the series.

At one point, a daydream of going through the series with a notebook in hand, writing down all these meals and later cooking them, took shape. This is our "notebook". We hope you enjoy this literary-culinary-sensory-philosophical journey.

Friday, December 30, 2016

The correct link for tortellini soup...

Hi everyone!

The link in the latest post wasn't working. Here's the working link:

Tortellini Soup


  1. You are amazing. I love your posts and the one today was great. Both my husband and I and a friend and I were talking this week about how we mess us so many times when we are talking to people. We don't listen and we often don't ask the right questions. You need to write your own book; it would be amazing.
    Thank you for all of your insights.

    1. Hi Sue,
      You are kind. I actually might want to write a book someday. I'm not sure I have a story to tell - yet. I like thinking about stories and picking apart interactions and trying to understand what makes people tick.
      I'll keep writing about books... and may slowly discover the story I am to tell. ;)

  2. Reading is one of the best thing about mankind! i admire it and it makes me proud when i finish a book! very good for the soul and body and the mind to stay fresh!

  3. Hi kelli! This is so nice of you to share the recipe link once again with the readers. Recipe looks easy to make. All the steps are well explained and can be easily followed by anyone. I will appreciate if you continue writing more blogs like this.