Reading may seem like a solitary pleasure, but we do not believe it is so. As we read, we intimately interact with writers, the worlds they create, and our own inner selves as well as the real world that surrounds us. Some of us are also blessed enough to have friends to share the experience with.

While discussing the idyllic village of Three Pines and the captivating characters author Louise Penny created in the Inspector Gamache books, we were aware of the sensory pleasure to be had in the meals described. Olivier’s Bistro, Gabri’s baking, and dinners at the Morrow’s can easily make us salivate while reading the books… Louise Penny's books, are a wonderful entrĂ©e into a sensual world, where each book is a season, capturing its mood and flavours, and contributing to the layers of meaning about the characters, who are marvellously revealed over the series.

At one point, a daydream of going through the series with a notebook in hand, writing down all these meals and later cooking them, took shape. This is our "notebook". We hope you enjoy this literary-culinary-sensory-philosophical journey.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Running Late...

Hi everyone!

I'm running late with the blog this week. I have a (very) full house this week (4 houseguests, among other things) and have not had time to make any of the (few) meals left in our list.

I will post the pictures of the chicken casserole which I made last night although this one was a little dryer than usual since I kind of ran out of cream and milk. It was still yummy and we had no leftovers as usual.
Before Baking

After baking. This one was slightly dryer since I had less cream and more breadcrumbs. 

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  1. Nice try and it looks delicious. Can you share complete recipe with us? Waiting for the recipe..